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Al Boroug was founded in Qatar in 2005 by Essam El Bassiouny, as a major contracting arm to the Wataneya Group and developing from more than 35 years of experience in the contracting industry, Al Boroug for Advanced Construction has quickly grown to become one of the names synonymous to the industry. As a Qatari company, Al Boroug is proud to have contributed to the development of Qatar with the construction of all types of buildings throughout the entire country. Al Boroug’s success is owed to its team’s continuous strive for excellence, dedication to go beyond all expectations and flexibility to overcome challenges. Without a doubt, as a family-owned business, the company’s sense of commitment and accountability to its work and clients is unique; each and every member of the company becomes a crucial member of this family and accordingly becomes a significant factor in its achievements. Through the guidance of its leadership Al Boroug continues to grow and welcomes the challenges and opportunities of the future; anticipating even more development and growth within the company, the country and region.


Essam El Bassiouny  General Manager

Essam El Bassiouny is the Co-Founder of the Wataneya Group Empire. What started off as one company and one man’s aspiration, has now grown to become a group of four successful companies, based in Egypt, Qatar and Sudan. With a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and more than 35 years of experience in the construction & real estate industry in the Gulf Region, Egypt and Sudan and with his dedication and drive, this empire has greatly expanded throughout the region and successfully managed to keep up with the fast-paced, challenging and vast industry. El Bassiouny works closely with the teams of all four companies to ensure that the empire continues to excel in all aspects of the construction industry and to consistently maintain the excellence and high-level expectations of the Wataneya Group.

Shady El Bassiouny  Projects Manager

Shady El Bassiouny’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and extensive experience in the construction industry is the reason behind his great success as Al Boroug’s Projects Manager. His commitment and dedication on both an executive and day-to-day basis, managing and dealing with all project team members, has ensured that all projects run as smoothly as possible: on time, within budget and exceeding client expectations. With his close supervision of all projects, he has always been a significant factor in improving and developing company operations, both on a project-specific basis and on a more general company level.

Ziad El Bassiouny – Commercial Manager

Ziad El Bassiouny’s educational background, with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering, specialized in Construction Management and extensive experience in this part of the industry has made him the ideal candidate as the company’s Commercial Manager. Having experience in both the construction and real estate industries his role has been crucial in helping Al Boroug develop and grow into the success it is today, both on a managerial level and with regards to project Controls, Contracts and Procurement. He holds great responsibility when it comes to project planning and development and is known for his close coordination and collaboration, as an essential supporting department, for all project team members to ensure that all company operations and projects are executed with the highest levels of effectiveness and standards.